directory command?

Ian Diddams didds3 at
Wed Jul 25 14:03:32 CEST 2018

Xymon 4.3.28-1.el7.terabithia server
centos 77.4.1708

installed via rpm

the cfg file "/etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg" contains the oline (line 261)
directory /etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg.d


when that .cfg file is "run" i.e     . . /etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg
it errors with 

directory: not found [No such file or directory]

The adftual directory  /etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg.d exists and has suitable ownerships and permissions...  the error is about the _command_ "directory".

I can;t yum install it - Ive never even heard of it TBH. Im assuming its some sort internal thing to xymon?

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