[Xymon] Migrating Hobbit to xymon

Jonathan Trott jtrott at dancrai.com
Tue Jul 24 02:25:04 CEST 2018

You'll also need to export and import the rrd files if you are moving from 
32bit to 64bit.


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In a nutshell, I normally set up the same xymon UID and groups on both 
servers, tar the relevant directories, untar them on the new server, check 
I've got all files (e.g. initd/systemd files, ext script dependencies, 
etc), temporarily change the xymonserver IP address in the new server 
config and start xymon. If it works OK, I take another copy of the old 
server's xymon var stuff to bring the new server up to date, then change 
the IP address of the old server to something else, then change the IP 
address of the new server to the old one, change the xymonserver address 
in the config back and start again. If things break, you can always revert 
to the old server.

If the new server is using systemd and the old is on initd you'll need to 
sort that out separately, of course.

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Subject: [Xymon] Migrating Hobbit to xymon 
I’m building a new server to house xymon (among other items) and I need a 
smooth plan of action to migrate.  Hobbit is at 4.2.0.
How can I maintain the historical data files and move the monitoring task 
from the old hobbit to the new xymon smoothly?
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