[Xymon] Testing files

Jaap Winius jwinius at umrk.nl
Thu Jul 12 19:36:36 CEST 2018

Hi folks,

According to  
it's possible to add file configuration entries to  
/etc/xymon/client-local.cfg. For example, to check for the existence  
of a file called /tmp/krb5cc_0 on host.example.com, I'd add this stanza:


That works. However, the above mentioned manpage also says this about  
file configuration entries:

"A file monitoring entry is used to watch the meta-data of a file:  
Owner, group, size, permissions, checksum etc."

Meta data? How is that done? Except for some hash settings, no  
examples are given. To check to see if the example file is always less  
than 3600 seconds old, I would think something like this would be  

   file:/tmp/krb5cc_0 mtime<3600

Or possibly:


But, these don't seem to work: Xymon still only reports that the file exists.

Would anyone mind explaining what the correct syntax is for this file  
test and perhaps other ones like it (e.g. for owner, group, file size,  



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