[Xymon] False positives for hobbit-plugins libs test

Axel Beckert abe at deuxchevaux.org
Tue Jul 10 23:36:24 CEST 2018


On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 09:18:35PM +0000, Jaap Winius wrote:
> Unfortunately, although I was able to compile this package on
> wheezy, I wasn't able to install it:
>  hobbit-plugins depends on xymon-client (>= 4.3.17-2~); however:
>   Version of xymon-client on system is 4.3.0~beta2.dfsg-9.1+deb7u1.

Hrm. This probably means that the backporting script no more works
probably, because it should do an

    sed -e 's/(>= 4.3.17-2~)/(<< 4.3.7-1~)/g' -i debian/control

besides other things.

> So, it was worth a try, but I don't have many wheezy systems left
> and they will be replaced soon enough anyway.

Sounds familiar, too. :-)

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