[Xymon] False positives for hobbit-plugins libs test

Jaap Winius jwinius at umrk.nl
Mon Jul 9 21:47:33 CEST 2018

Hi folks,

In my environment we use the following:

   * Debian stretch with xymon 4.3.28-2
   * Debian stretch with xymon-client 4.3.28-2 and hobbit-plugins 20170219
   * Debian wheezy with xymon-client 4.3.0~beta2.dfsg-9.1+deb7u1 and  
hobbit-plugins 20120532

It all works fine, except that hobbit-plugins often gives false  
positives in the 'libs' column, indicating that certain "processes  
have libs linked that were upgraded". However, in those cases it makes  
no difference whether the processes are restarted, or even if the  
machine is rebooted: the processes continue to be flagged falsely.  
Examples include libvirt-qemu and mysql. It's the same on both of the  
platforms indicated above.

Is there a fix or a reasonable workaround for this problem?



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