[Xymon] xymon-snmpcollect

Nikolya sitrix at camheds.net
Wed Jul 4 10:57:08 CEST 2018


It seems that there are already exists much of
the code for snmp polling and analysing in xymon.

There are handle_snmpcollect_client func in
xymond_client.c, that calling check_mibvals, which
in turn call get_mibval_thresholds, wich in turn
using data from load_client_config

>From quick reading of load_client_config function
definition, i do not undestand how exactly i need
to define MIB rules in analysis.cfg

But what absent is a testing module for
xymond_client, when running with --test.
So there is no easy why to test SNMP rules.

Because testmode function in xymond_client.c
do not provide this testing.

I will gladly beta test the code that close this
gap, but i'm not that C pro developer to create
it from scratch.

Lets be clear, DevMon is good and ancient, but why not use
what we already have in a code base

WBR Nikolay
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