[Xymon] Intermittent HTTP Status 0 - Reason?

Jonas Weber mail at jonasw.de
Mon Jul 2 12:53:59 CEST 2018


in our Xymon installation we are experiencing red HTTP status 0 alerts repeatedly, about a few times per week. This phenomenon started appearing when we switched the backend from Apache to nginx. The monitored service is checked over an SSL connection, making tcpdump et al. difficult to use. Additionally, this only appears on our production monitoring; a secondary installation with only this check does not show this issue. So, debug logging isn't really feasible, either (although I've tried).

At this point, we are quite certain that it is a monitoring artifact and not a problem of the service, as there are no errors on the nginx side of things, and no customers have complained, either.

I've looked in the code of xymonnet. I think status code 0 might mean that no HTTP/1.x response has been received, or at least that Xymon was unable to parse it. Is that correct? Does/did anybody else face this problem?

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