[Xymon] [EXCH Prio5]R: [EXCH Prio5]Re: adding a custom test in linux client

Damien Martins damien at makelofine.org
Mon Dec 31 15:12:31 CET 2018

Hi Alessandro,

Did you add "dia" in your host definition (on Xymon server in hosts.cfg 
file) ?
Did you try to run dia.sh using bash debug mode (bash -x dia.sh) to have 
all details about what is done ?

Damien Martins

Le 31/12/2018 à 12:45, Alessandro Tinivelli a écrit :
> Oliver Wrote
>> Does dia.sh read /tmp/dia.txt and send the data to the xymon server?
>> If so, you should have a 'dia' column on the xymon server for the client in question
> Hi Oliver, thanks for answering,
> That's the point: I don't know how to tell the script (dia.sh) to send data to the Xymon server, in fact no 'dia' column appears :-\
> Alessandro
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