[Xymon] fine grained alerts

Kris Springer kspringer at innovateteam.com
Fri Dec 28 19:16:32 CET 2018

In my alerts.cfg I've got a PAGE setting that is working well, but I 
want to fine tune one of the HOSTS to reduce the frequency of alerts for 
the DISK service.  But now I'm getting 2 alerts for the Disk service for 
that host.  I thought the HOST rule would overrule the PAGE rule since 
it comes first.  How do I configure this correctly so I still get all 
the service alerts as normal for the page, but the disk service for the 
single host repeats every 4 hours instead of the default 30 min?  Here's 
what I have.
**      MAIL username at email.com SERVICE=disk COLOR=red,purple 
**      MAIL username at email.com COLOR=red,purple DURATION>1h RECOVERED 


Kris Springer

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