[Xymon] xymon & fping

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Wed Dec 12 17:48:13 CET 2018

You don't say what operating system you are running, but I'll share what 
was required of me on Solaris:
   chmod u+s /opt/csw/sbin/fping*

which has resulted in:
   -rwsr-xr-x   1 root     bin          36K Mar 11  2014 fping

I think I lifted this from:

    Do things because you should, not just because you can.

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On 12/12/2018 7:12 AM, Frank M. Ramaekers wrote:
> [xymon at xxxxxxxx ~]$ fping yyyyyyyy
> fping: can't create raw socket (must run as root?) : Operation not permitted
> [xymon at xxxxxxxx ~]$ ls -lh /usr/local/sbin/fping
> -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 87K Jul 24 12:28 /usr/local/sbin/fping
> What should I do to correct this (best solution)?
> Found this, but not sure it applies to xymon:
> chownroot:zzzzzzzz /usr/sbin/fping
> chmod710 /usr/sbin/fping
> chmodug+s /usr/sbin/fping

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