Xymon PS Client - v2.34

Ribeiro, Glauber glauber.ribeiro at experian.com
Wed Dec 12 16:31:28 CET 2018

Excellent, thank you!

Please remind me, where can I download the client, and how would one upgrade (is it enough to replace the PowerShell scripts with the new versions?).


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A long-overdue release with a number of minor fixes and one major overhaul of event log processing.

Event log processing changes:

You've always been able to exclude certain event log messages from appearing using 'ignore' - this actually had a major issue where a matching ignore filter suppressed other events. I have added the opposite: being able to include only the messages you're interested in. That means you now have two ways of handling which event log messages you see:

  *   Exclude mode: including all events except specified - use ignore
  *   Include mode: ignore all events except specified - use include

Include mode takes priority - if there are any "include" entries, include mode will be used. All ignore entries will be disregarded.

Secondly, to cover the scenario where you are using client local config merging, you can now specify a priority on eventlogswanted which will allow you to override other configs. For example, you may have an eventlogswanted statement in your [powershell] class with some sensible defaults, like this:


But if you have a specific server where you also want to check the Application log, you can override that statement in a [server] block with this:


List of all the fixes:

* added TLS fix from Kris Springer / Jonathan Trott. Only set TLS parameters if https is used for downloads (of updates and external scripts). Note that these TLS settings are not compatible with Powershell v2 (but will only impact if you use https)
* optionally only show listening ports in [ports], controlled from client-local.cfg (using ports:listenonly)
* allow disabling of IIS sites information, controlled from xymonclient_config.xml
* added 'noservicecheck' from Tim Williams
* extra logging in XymonMsgs
* fixed major bug in XymonMsgs where a matching 'ignore' filter would suppress all events
* fix for unnecessary attempt to encrypt serverHttpPassword
* event log handling overhaul
* allow different levels by event log
* handling of multiple configs when using config merging (priority on eventlogswanted)
* add ability to use environment variables for clientname if network settings not available



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