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You should only need to set the sticky bit for the user.

Using the method below, your xymon user would need to be in the group that owns fping. You show it as zzzzzzzzz.

What these commands would do is disallow anyone not in the group from using the command at all. And it would give the user root permissions to resources, i.e. the raw socket, to the user.

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[xymon at xxxxxxxx ~]$ fping yyyyyyyy
fping: can't create raw socket (must run as root?) : Operation not permitted
[xymon at xxxxxxxx ~]$ ls -lh /usr/local/sbin/fping
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 87K Jul 24 12:28 /usr/local/sbin/fping

What should I do to correct this (best solution)?

Found this, but not sure it applies to xymon:

chown root:zzzzzzzz /usr/sbin/fping

chmod 710 /usr/sbin/fping

chmod ug+s /usr/sbin/fping

Frank M. Ramaekers Jr.

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