[Xymon] group analysis test to multiple hosts

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So Upper-Lab-PC is the name of all the machines with numbers appended?

To invoke the regex in the xymon configuration files you need the % character.

                SVC SoftwareName

You can test with xymond_alert

xymond_alert --test <hostname> <testname>

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I've got a list of 30 hosts that all have the same name except a different number at the end.  I'd like to test only those hosts for a running service, but I've tried the following entries in my analysis.cfg file with no success.  It either applies the test to every host in my hosts.cfg file, or it doesn't test any of them.  I can't seem to get it dialed in to only test the specific hosts that I want it to.

I've tried this HOST wildcard, but it applies the test to every host, no matter what name it is.
    SVC    SoftwareName

I tried DISPLAYGROUP because the list of hosts are defined in a 'group-only' list in my hosts.cfg file, but this didn't apply the test to any hosts at all.
DISPLAYGROUP="Upper Lab Desktops"
    SVC    SoftwareName

I could of course test each host individually, but that seems a bit ridiculous when the man page says I can group them.  Suggestions?


Kris Springer

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