[Xymon] NTP requirement for Terabithia xymon RPM - RHEL/CentOS 7?

Mike Burger mburger at bubbanfriends.org
Thu Aug 16 17:47:58 CEST 2018

Good morning,

I'm installing Xymon on an Amazon Linux 2 instance (RHEL/CentOS 7
equivalent) and noticed that, although Chrony is installed on the
instance, the ntp and ntpdate packages were installed as pre-reqs for
the JC's xymon package.

I was just wondering: 

 	* Why is ntp/ntpdate a requirement for the Xymon package?
 	* Does Chrony not have equivalent functionality?

Mike Burger

"It's always suicide-mission this, save-the-planet that. No one ever
just stops by to say 'hi' anymore." --Colonel Jack O'Neill, SG1
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