[Xymon] monitoring contents of a logfile with a daily changing filename

Ian Diddams didds3 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 16 16:40:27 CEST 2018

 Ok - another angle.  I feel I am SO close.
so I have a cleint with message logs with filename format
It contains a trigger word DIDDS
client-local.cfg on the xymon SERVER contains

[linux]log:/var/log/messages:10240log:`find /var/log -maxdepth 1 -type f -name messages-\*.log`:10240log:/var/log/maillog:10240
log:/var/log/secure:10240ignore MARK

The client's msgs GUI page shows

No entries in /var/log/messagesNo entries in /var/log/messages-20180816.log
No entries in /var/log/maillog
No entries in /var/log/secure

Full log /var/log/messagesFull log /var/log/messages-20180816.log
Full log /var/log/maillog
Full log /var/log/secure

ie it can find/knows about that respective messages file.


in analysis.cfg, for the respective client this line
 LOG %/var/log/messages*.log "DIDDS"  COLOR=yellow

doesn't flag anything - even if the string DIDDS is in that messages-20180816.log file ..
hence the line in the GUI
No entries in /var/log/messages-20180816.log


what am I missing here?

Because if I merely use
LOG %/var/log/messages "DIDDS"  COLOR=yellow
with DIDDS within /var/log/messages  it goes yellow almost immediately.

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