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Scott Birl scott.birl at temple.edu
Mon Aug 13 18:31:57 CEST 2018

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> Subject: [Xymon] skip http check
> Hello all,
> Have a little issue, look, have a host list that my intention is just monitor the SSL expire, this is my file:
>    server.lan    # noconn https://server.lan
>    server1.lan    # noconn https://server1.lan
> But this create 2 checks, http and sslcert, I need just sslcert, I fix it temporary using NOCOLUMNS:http, 
> but this just hidden the col, how can I do for skip this check and check just the sslcert?
> Thank you, best regards,

Have you tried httphead and HIDEHTTP?

Untested: server.lan # noconn httphead;https://server.lan HIDEHTTP

Scott Birl
Senior Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services
Temple University

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