[Xymon] Ubuntu 18.04 libs test from hobbit-plugins

Oliver R. r.oliver at web.de
Wed Aug 8 08:42:01 CEST 2018

Dear all,

I'm running xymon client 4.3.28 from ubuntu 18.04 repositories and I've 
installed the package hobbit-plugins, which provides additional 
features. One of it is called libs, which prints processes with 
libraries linked to already upgraded ones. Usually this means that the 
process or the whole computer should be restarted, so that the new 
libraries will be used. Unfortunately this seems not to be the case for 
the following three processes:


I' struggling diving into the code of the libs-script (writte in perl). 
Can someone help me finding the root cause of this problem?

In xymonclient.log I can see many lines with "dpkg: no packages found 
matching *:i386". I think this might be related somehow.

Thank you in advance!



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