[Xymon] powershell client data file excessive Port info enhancement request

Timothy Williams tlwilliams4 at vcu.edu
Mon Aug 6 16:55:52 CEST 2018

We are in the process of migrating 300+ servers from BBWin client to
powershell client. All works well, except our anti-virus servers create a
huge data file that gets truncated, causing FILES, SVCS, WHO to go Purple.
We have set the MAXMSG_STATUS AND MAXMSG_CLIENT Xymon server parameters to
1024, but the AV servers still blow past that. The PORTS function reports
all of the TCP ESTABLISHED and TIME_WAIT connections for every AV client on
servers and desktops. We only need to know that the AV server is proper
LISTENING. Using Slimmode and excluding the Ports section doesn't work as
we do need to know the listening ports.

I have modified the Xymonclient.ps1 script as follows to limit the data in
the function XymonPorts
"[ports]" netstat -an
    netstat -an | findstr LISTENING

Rather than manually editing each new version of script released, I would
rather have a client-local.cfg entry that would turn this on per group
similar to what you have for IFSTAT. Less desirable would be a statement in
Xymonclient_config.XML, or as a mode in Slimmode.
Does this sound like a doable enhancement?

*Timothy L. Williams*

*Operating Systems Analyst*
Virginia Commonwealth University Computer Center
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