[Xymon] Ignoring Portable Disks

Calum Martin cdm46 at ast.cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 2 15:46:21 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I've got my clients setup for local config and am having problems with 
some commands in the localclient.cfg files.

I am trying to ignore certain filesystems and have the line "DISK    
%^/media.*/ IGNORE" setup to ignore any portable hardware. This is 
identical to the example given in Xymon's man pages, except "oracle" has 
been changed to "media". However, this doesn't seem to do anything at 
all, it's as if Xymon is ignoring this configuration option. Other 
configuration options set in my client's localclient.cfg do work as 
expected, so it can't be a problem with xymon reading the 
localclient.cfg file.

Anything to help me figure out what on earth is going on would be 
greatly appreciated.



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