[Xymon] xymon client bindaddress (update)

Frank ve2cii at canasoft.net
Thu Jun 8 18:13:39 CEST 2017

   After further testing:

eth0  primary    =

eth0:0  primary   =

eth0   secondary   =

voip1.example.net    =

    When I changed this       voip1.example.com    (eth0)   but voip1 is actually

TO       voip1.example.com    (eth0:0)

that is when I get the ghost reports which makes sense.

Nothing to do with adding this part:       voip1-2.example.com   (eth0 on primary)      voip1-3.example.com  (eth0 on secondary)

     Well it was working HI!!

   Here is an except from my hosts.cfg

EXAMPLE:   eth0:0       voip1.example.com    (eth0)   but voip1 is actually 
mapped on the DNS to eth0:0

I have xymon-client starting up   /home/xymon/runclient.sh 

Up till now everything runs ok.   (I have not tried a failover, as I 
just wanted to get it to work).

Probably report as a ghost when it fails over.

When I add this, then I get ghost reports:   Weird, xymon-server reports 
itself as one of the ghosts.       voip1-2.example.com   (eth0 on primary)      voip1-3.example.com  (eth0 on secondary)

On 6/8/17 9:49 AM, Adam Goryachev wrote:
> Just a nudge, consider what I said about monitoring both servers all 
> the time. Otherwise, if one server dies, but xymon shows all green, 
> you won't know there is a problem until the second server dies too.
> Regards,
> Adam
> On 8/6/17 23:10, Frank wrote:
>>    When I say xymon, I mean the xymon-client.  The xymon-server is on 
>> a different machine.
>> On 6/7/17 7:46 PM, Adam Goryachev wrote:
>>> On 8/6/17 07:46, Frank wrote:
>>>>    Hi,
>>>>     I am doing something that I don't think has been done with 
>>>> xymon before.  We are running asterisk on a failover
>>>> heartbeat system.  When the failover occurs heartbeat shuts down 
>>>> everything on the primary server and xymon
>>>> goes nuts.  So I set up heartbeat to stop xymon when it shuts 
>>>> everything else down. Now when the "floating IP"
>>>> goes to the secondary server, the secondary starts up all the 
>>>> services and I set it up for xymon to start too.  I was
>>>> thinking would be a great idea if I could bind xymon to the 
>>>> floating IP the same way I do it for the rest of the
>>>> services.  So far during tests it seems to be working out ok 
>>>> without the binding, but may be necessary after all.
>>> When you say "xymon" do you mean xymon-client or are you running the 
>>> xymon server components on this redundant system?
>>> It seems to me that running the monitoring system on the same system 
>>> that you are monitoring is likely to lead to problems (ie, on total 
>>> system failure you won't be told about it). I would suggest to run 
>>> the monitoring on a 3rd server, which is stand-alone from this pair. 
>>> Xymon doesn't care which IP address the client reports originate 
>>> from, as long as the name is correct.
>>> However, I would advise to have both systems report status 
>>> individually, with their own names, then you can see the status of 
>>> each server in the pair. In order to alert and see the status of the 
>>> services provided by the pair, then you can use combined status such 
>>> as procs on serverA OR procs on serverB = procs green for Service 
>>> and so on.
>>> Hope this helps...
>>> Regards,
>>> Adam


sysadm  cronomagic.com/gemstelecom.com
e-mail  ve2cii at canasoft.net


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