[Xymon] xymon client bindaddress

Frank ve2cii at canasoft.net
Wed Jun 7 23:46:00 CEST 2017


     I am doing something that I don't think has been done with xymon 
before.  We are running asterisk on a failover
heartbeat system.  When the failover occurs heartbeat shuts down 
everything on the primary server and xymon
goes nuts.  So I set up heartbeat to stop xymon when it shuts everything 
else down. Now when the "floating IP"
goes to the secondary server, the secondary starts up all the services 
and I set it up for xymon to start too.  I was
thinking would be a great idea if I could bind xymon to the floating IP 
the same way I do it for the rest of the
services.  So far during tests it seems to be working out ok without the 
binding, but may be necessary after all.

On 6/7/17 5:24 PM, Japheth Cleaver wrote:
> On 6/5/2017 9:15 AM, Frank wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think I now have this under control. So you can ignore the previous 
>> email.  No more ghosts!!
>>    Is there a way to have the xymon client bind to a specific IP or 
>> interface?
>> I have more than one interface on a machine and I am getting ghost 
>> reports
>> because I setup xymon for eth0:0 instead of eth0.
> Hi,
> It surprised me that this wasn't a configurable option. There's no way 
> to currently (as opposed to binding on the listen interface), but 
> looking at the code, I think this should be easily addable as a feature
> Regards,
> -jc

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