[Xymon] Windows powershell client

Steve Brown sgb at pics.com
Fri Jun 2 21:38:18 CEST 2017


I'm adding a new client into our server.  I added some 'files' to the client-local.cfg on the server. As soon as I did that, the xymonclient.log column went purple.  I tried adding log:C:\xymonclinet.log:10240 into the client-local.cfg but that did not resolve the purple status.
There's no entry in the analysis.cfg for log.  The msgs column reports 'No entries in xymonclient.log '

What do I need to do to get the xymonclient.log column to report correctly and turn green again?
Thank you for your help

Client-local.cfg snip


analysis.cfg snip

        UP      1h
        LOAD    5.0 10.0
        DISK    * 90 95
        MEMPHYS 100 101
        MEMSWAP 50 80
        MEMACT  90 97
        PROC "_mprosrv" 1 5 red
        PROC "prowin32.exe" 1 5 red
        FILE "C:\data\db\admdemo.lg" SIZE<2048M TRACK=admdemoLg yellow
        FILE "C:\data\db\mfgdemo.lg" SIZE<2048M TRACK=mfgdemoLg yellow
        FILE "C:\data\db\hlpdemo.lg" SIZE<2048M TRACK=hlpdemoLg yellow

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