[Xymon] Windows Powershell client

Steve Brown sgb at pics.com
Thu Jun 1 22:38:38 CEST 2017

We have a Linux server for the xymon server (4.3.18) but we run the bb-central addon so my client-local.cfg on the server is pretty bare. All of our xymon clients are Linux servers until now.
I've recently installed the xymon Windows powershell client. Most of it is working except the columns  files, ports, procs, and svcs. They are reporting a 'clear' status because I haven't defined anything to check.

Where and how do I configure these columns?  From my research it seems I should configure client-local.cfg on the Linux server but I'm unsure how to configure it for access to Windows.  I see there is a [win32] section but it is blank.  The Windows Powershell client is running on a Windows 2012 server.

Would anyone be willing to share how they've configured these columns or some basic examples?
For example if I want to monitor
files matching C:\*.log,
ports 22,8080
procs prowin32 C:\Progressx86\OpenEdge\bin\prowin32.exe
svcs sshd, Spooler

In addition where do I configure the Red, Yellow, Green for these columns ?

Thank you for your help
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