[Xymon] xymonnet timeouts?

Richard Hamilton rlhamil2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 16:50:51 CET 2017

I noticed I was getting these when a host (marked dialup) was down; turns
out it's because there was an RPC test, and rpcinfo has no option to choose
a reasonable timeout; trying to run it against a host that's down or
unreachable takes nearly ten minutes to time out!

What I don't understand, is why, given the conn test was enabled and not
green or yellow, it was trying to do other network tests on that host.

Here's the host line: lapple-sierra # dialup CLIENT:lapple-sierra.pri
noflap=location ssh ntp rpc=mountd,nlockmgr,nfs,rpcbind,rquotad,status
NOCOLUMNS:files multihomed NOPROPPURPLE:+location

(location is an client extension script, not relevant to the problem at
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