[Xymon] DOWNTIME specification sometimes not honored ?

Dominique Frise dominique.frise at unil.ch
Tue Feb 14 16:05:42 CET 2017


We are using Xymon-4.3.28 server on RHEL6.8.

Assuming following definitions/logs :

---extract of alerts.cfg---


$SMS_DEFS=COLOR=red $MAIL_DEFS TIME=W:1800:0700,60:0701:0700

$MAIL-Test=MAIL test at example.com $MAIL_DEFS



---hosts.cfg DOWNTIME specification for myhost---                           DOWNTIME=msgs:W:1759:0701:Many_errors_from_WSUS,msgs:60:0000:2359:Many_errors_from_WSUS

---Notification Log---

Mon Feb 13 18:01:57 2017 myhost msgs 0123456789

Mon Feb 13 18:01:57 2017 myhost msgs test at example.com
Mon Feb 13 18:00:10 2017 myhost msgs 0123456789
Mon Feb 13 17:36:58 2017 myhost msgs test at example.com

At 17:36:58, the msgs check fires a CRITICAL mail alert : OK

At 18:00:10 a SMS is sent despite the DOWNTIME specification : ???

At 18:01:57 a "disabled" mail and SMS alerts are sent : mail only should occur

The SMS_DEFS'TIME specification is global and we want to override this for this particuliar host/test but this does not work.



Dominique Frise<http://www3.unil.ch/annuaire/browse/person/cn=Dominique%20Frise,%20ou=Centre%20informatique,%20ou=Services%20Centraux,%20ou=Direction,%20o=Universite%20de%20Lausanne,%20c=ch?query=frise&base=o=Universite+de+Lausanne,c=ch&category=0>
Senior System Engineer | Centre Informatique UNIL<http://unil.ch/ci>
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