[Xymon] Simple Ping Test from a node/server

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Fri Feb 10 11:08:06 CET 2017



If the PI can connect back to your Xymon server, then the
easiest solution would be to install the "xymonnet" utility on the PI,
configure it to run a limited set of network tests, and send the status
messages back to the Xymon server. 

If you use pre-packaged
installations of Xymon, then you would install the "server" package on
the PI, but disable everything in tasks.cfg except the client and
xymonnet tasks (note that by default the xymonnet task has a dependency
on xymond - you need to remove this when disabling xymond). 

The key
configuration items are: 

 	* Configure xymonserver.cfg on the PI with
the IP of the normal Xymon server in XYMSRV setting, so all status
messages go to the normal Xymon server
 	* Use the "NET" tag in
hosts.cfg (on the normal Xymon server) to distinguish network tests
which run on the PI from those running on your normal Xymon server. You
can either add a "NET:primary" and "NET:backup" to all of the network
tests, or use the "--test-untagged" option with xymonnet on the normal
server and only add a "NET:backup" for the tests which should run on the
 	* Configure XYMONNETWORK=backup in xymonserver.cfg on the PI so it
will run the network tests tagged with "NET:backup" (if you put a
"NET:primary" on the normal tests, then of course also add a
XYMONNETWORK=primary setting on the primary server).
 	* Run Xymon on
the PI.

That should work. In the "old days", you would have to somehow
get the hosts.cfg file across from the normal Xymon server to the PI (or
have separate hosts.cfg files on each), but these days xymonnet will
fetch hosts.cfg from the normal server instead of reading a local copy,
so it should work and you only have to maintain the normal hosts.cfg

You can run a test on the PI to see what network tests it will
perform - "xymoncmd xymonnet --no-update" will run the tests without
sending any data to the server, so you can verify that the PI only runs
the tests you intend it to. 

The xymon.com installation has this setup,
since xymon.com is hosted on a public server in Germany (at Hetzner),
and my home network is behind a firewall but uses xymon.com to collect
data from the home network. So you can look at the configuration files
on xymon.com and see how I have a "NET:hetzner" and "NET:home" setting.


On 09-02-2017 20:21, Patrick Nixon wrote: 

> Hey
> I want to monitor my backup internet connection (simple ping
test outbound is fine). I'm going to throw a raspberry pi with dual
interfaces on the network, one on the main network and one on the backup
internet connection. 
> What's the best way to implement a ping test
from the PI and have it be part of the main server display? 
> Solutions
I've considered so far: 
> - set up the PI as a xymon server and figure
out how to get the test results to go back to the main server. 
> -
setup the PI as a xymon client and write some sort of ping test that
does the work 
> - something else I missed? 
> Thanks!

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