[Xymon] findhost.sh search info/description?

Jon Dustin jon.dustin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 20:22:19 CET 2017

Greetings -

I'm a longtime Xymon user (Hobbit and BB before that), and am finally able
to start using Xymon in $currentJob. HUGE fan!

This operation uses "app-specific" DNS CNAMEs for systems, which I have
added as 'descriptions' in hosts.cfg. They show up properly when I hover
over hostnames and when clicking the info button.

What would REALLY be nice is to have findhost.sh be able to search this
field in addition to hostnames.

I looked through the archives for a bit of time and didn't find any
discussion around this issue. Am I alone in this request? I can certainly
dig into the source and see if I can add this functionality myself.

Thanks for anything you can pass along.
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