[Xymon] Exluding alerts for service on a window host during the night

Alessandro Tinivelli Alessandro.Tinivelli at faacgroup.com
Wed Dec 28 10:28:10 CET 2016

Hi all,

i have a simple alerts.cfg configuration to send an email when anything on a page is red.
One windows server in this page has a service which is always in stopped state during the night, so I'd like not to receive alerts for this.

I tried to use IGNORE directive, but I'm not sure it this will work as expected: clicking on "info" for this server in the xymon web interface I see the Alerting section but I find no info whether the IGNORE directive has been accepted.

I'm trying to tell xymon "alert me if svcs are red for the host myhost only from 8 to 20"
maybe this syntax is correct?

    IGNORE HOST=myhost SERVICE="svcs" TIME=*:0000:0800
    IGNORE HOST=myhost SERVICE="svcs" TIME=*:2000:2359
    MAIL it at company.com REPEAT=12h

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