[Xymon] color of the alarm

Cédric BRINER cedric.briner at unige.ch
Mon Dec 19 17:17:06 CET 2016


Thanks for the answer.

I'm a bit surprised by the response, but that's great because I learn:
nonongreen & nopropred... which is good :)

Let me rephrase my question.

Which color should I use to report a test without giving a sense/alarm
on it. This test neither says it's good or neither says it's bad. Could
I just send a report, with some text attached to it with no other meaning.

Finally, after some works, I've put the "clear" color so that it does
not interfer.

Thank you very much for your appreciated help.

Cédric BRINER, Ing. EPFL & HES
☎: +41 (0)22/37.97183

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