[Xymon] color of the alarm

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Thu Dec 15 18:10:16 CET 2016

On 12/15/2016 1:12 AM, C├ędric BRINER wrote:
> I'm looking for a color, that do not pollute the "all non-green view",
> that are different from green and that allow us to see the output of the
> test within xymon.

Mark your host with "nopropred" or "nonongreen" to prevent a particular 
test from propagating up the page heirarchy, or being included on the 
non-green page.  Check the hosts.cfg man page for details.

"nonongreen" covers a _host_
> nonongreen -- Ignore this host on the "All non-green" page. Even if
> it has an active alert, it will not be included in the "All
> non-green" page. This also removes the host from the event-log
> display.

"nopropred" and "nopropyellow" can be applied to specific _tests_ on 
each host
> NOPROPRED:[+|-]testname[,[+|-]testname] -- This tag is used to
> inhibit a yellow or red status from propagating upwards - i.e. from a
> test status color to the (sub)page status color, and further on to
> xymon.html or nongreen.html

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