[Xymon] 'xymond' in tasks.cfg?

Mills,David (HHSC Contractor) David.Mills at hhsc.state.tx.us
Wed Dec 14 23:12:52 CET 2016

All -

In the process of trying to debug a problem, I've run across two questions about how xymond functions on servers...

1)      I started adding in the '--debug' flag to xymond in the .../etc/tasks.cfg file ([xymond] stanza), only to notice that after restarting Xymon, 'xymond' did not have any of the new args, including '--debug'! I know from the documentation that xymonlaunch starts up xymond, but why isn't it  using the params in the tasks.cfg? Where is it getting its parameter list from then?

2)      In this posting from years gone-by, Henrik said:

(from: http://lists.xymon.com/archive/2008-April/018734.html)

                All of the daemon programs (hobbitd, the various hobbitd_channel
                handlers etc.) support sending a SIGUSR2 signal to toggle debugging

And yet, when I try to turn on debugging on 'xymond', I see nothing in the xymond.log file... (This *is* where the debugging output should manifest, right?)



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