[Xymon] xymon alert noise

Bakkies Gatvol bakgat8 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 12 17:18:14 CET 2016


No idea what you mean by sound - but I'll share my version of sound

I have a special page set that the operators see -    opsnongreen_header   -   and I put a     bgsound src=   in that html

<META HTTP-EQUIV="EXPIRES" CONTENT="Sat, 01 Jan 2001 00:00:00 GMT">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Set-Cookie" CONTENT="pagepath=&XYMWEBPAGEPATH; path=/">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Set-Cookie" CONTENT="host=; path=/">

<!-- Styles for the Xymon body  -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="&XYMONBODYCSSOPS">

<!-- Styles for the menu bar -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="&XYMONBODYMENUCSSOPS">

<!-- The favicon image -->
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="&XYMONSKIN/favicon-&XYMWEBBACKGROUND.ico">



<bgsound src="&XYMONSKIN/../sounds/&XYMWEBBACKGROUND.wav" loop="0">

--- snip ----

the fun thing is it only works in windows explorer and I don't use explorer - so when I go to the operators page (using firefox) - I do not have an obnoxious sound


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Den 2016-12-08 kl. 22:34, skrev John Thurston:
> On 12/8/2016 6:00 AM, venkat v wrote:
>> Hi Team,
>> i want to set alaram sound to my xymon alerts if it is possible.
> If you want a meaningful response, you need to give us more to work with.
> Do you want audible alarms on your xymon server? On a specific client?
> Maybe you want your phone to go "beep"?
> Maybe it is as simple as sending a CTRL-G to your Teletype. I don't
> know. Your question is too vague to answer correctly.

I would start by typing "man alerts.cfg" and marvel at the possibilities
offered by the SCRIPT recipient.

Then the challenge is to write a script that beeps, which is left as an
exercise for the OP.


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