[Xymon] Issue: graphs not updating

Japheth Cleaver cleaver at terabithia.org
Fri Dec 2 19:22:15 CET 2016

On 12/2/2016 8:35 AM, Alessandro Tinivelli wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> i’m trying to introduce Xymon in my new company, so i’ve installed 
> xymon on centos7 with precompiled packets from epel repo.
> All was going fine until a reboot: it happens that graphs are not 
> updated: I see the correct “updated at…” but the line ends. More clear 
> here
> https://postimg.org/image/6a5viq3yn/
> Restarting the service or rebooting the machine solves temporary the 
> problem, but it comes back. The services seem to be up and running.
> Tried disabling selinux, without results.
> I did not find anything clear in the logfiles.
> Version is 4.3.27-1.el7
> **

This seems to be graphing-issue-Friday :)

This is usually an indication that there's data being lost somewhere in 
the pipeline, or there's a bug in xymond_rrd's caching mechanism.

Are you seeing any evidence of dropped messages either in your clients 
or in xymond_client's logs? Does xymond show any truncated/("bogus") 
messages in its status output?

If not, can you enable debugging on xymond_rrd (either -USR2 or just add 
--debug to the CMD line in tasks.cfg)? It should flush its cache within 
a second or two of showgraphs.sh triggering it in via the rrdctl.<pid> 
socket. If not, or if it's not happening in order, the RRD files can end 
up like that. (I've also seen this when there are multiple xymond_rrd 
processes running for the same channel (there should be two - one for 
status, one for data), which will end up writing over each other and 
clobbering RRA values. But that shouldn't normally be happening.)

Finally, can you run xymond_rrd in --nocache mode? If the graphs are 
subsequently clean, then that pretty much rules out message transmission 
issues elsewhere within xymon and we can focus on the RRD aspect.

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