[Xymon] rrd files not getting created.

Root, Paul T Paul.Root at CenturyLink.com
Thu Dec 1 16:54:55 CET 2016

Where do I go look to figure out why the rrd file is not getting created?

I have a script that produces output like this with a test name of 'ucf':


ucf_threads  :    14

And that is all I'm sending currently. At this point, it's a simulated script and then number is between 1-100.

In xymonserver.cfg I have


I have two servers. My production, and a test server, with this config, and the test server briefly created the rrd,  then I renamed the test (from myg to ucf), c hanged the TEST2RRD and NCV_myg to NCV_ucf.

I've restarted xymon completely, and killed the xymond_rrd processes.  Nothing shows up in rrd_status.log or rrd_data.log

All the machines are CentOS 6 running xymon 4.3.21. We have successfully got custom graphs working in the past, but no luck at this point.
Ultimately, I believe the script will live on a RedHat 7 client. The xymon server will remain CentOS 6 for the forseeable future.


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