[Xymon] Display IP address on webpage

Jeremy Laidman jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au
Tue Sep 29 02:31:09 CEST 2015

> Is there a way to display the IP address instead of the hostname in the
> overview webpages. I suppose I can use the NAME tag but it would mean I
> have to add NAME tags to every host in host.cfg

Firsty, I'm curious why you would want to show the IP address and not the
hostname.  If the IP address is more useful, why aren't the devices named

Secondly, do you know that you can click on an "info" link and get the IP

Thirdly, I'm not aware of a simple way to do what you're asking, certainly
nothing built in to Xymon.

Here are a few non-trivial options:

1. Modify the source code ;-)  Actually, there are several features that
I'd love to see configurable in xymongen, such as: a) hover or click to
show a pop-up with some basic information about the server, perhaps some or
all of the "info" page, or the contents of the "notes" page; b)
configurable click-to-connect to launch telnet:// or ssh:// URLs; c) click
to popup an offline/online option for the host; d) similar for
shift-clicking on a status dot.  Most, if not all of these, would have to
be implemented in JavaScript, at least in part.  But an option to expand
some variables in the NAME: and DESCR: tags to include $IP would be coded
directly in xymongen C code.

2. You could automate the generation of the NAME tags in hosts.cfg.
Perhaps you could have a "hosts.src" file, and then you periodically create
"hosts.cfg" such that it contains everything in "hosts.src" with an extra
"NAME:" type tag.

3. You could do a similar thing, but build a special include file
containing only the IP address, hostname and alternative hostname, then use
"dispinclude" to include this file BEFORE the real host description.  Like


dispinclude named-by-ip.cfg host1.example.com # noconn ssh host2.example.com # dns

*named-by-ip.cfg:* host1.example.com # NAME: host2.example.com # NAME:

You would simply generate the file "named-by-ip.cfg" automatically whenever
hosts.cfg is updated, or periodically.

4. You could probably do this sort of thing with some javascript magic.
I'm guessing it would be possible to include a little javascript within the
page footer, that scans through the <span title=> tags, performs a web
lookup to the "info" column to get the IP address, and replaces the
hostname text.  I've done this kind of thing to allow hostnames to be
clickable, enhancing the hostname text to be a hotlink to an "ssh://" or
"telnet://" style URL.  Described here:
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