[Xymon] Combo.cfg questions

Root, Paul T Paul.Root at CenturyLink.com
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You don't want the .alc in the hosts.cfg line.

Here's what I do:
DNS.conn = (dns1.conn || dns2.conn || dns3.conn || dns4.conn)
DNS.procs = (dns1.procs || dns2.procs || dns3.procs || dns4.procs)
DNS.dns = (dns1.dns || dns2.dns || dns3.dns || dns4.dns) DNS             # noconn

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I am trying to configure the combo file, in the man pages I read:

"The configuration file uses the hostnames and testnames that are
already used in your Xymon hosts.cfg file"

in the combo.cfg I read example of "AppSrv1.procs"

I have files that are being consumed in the agents /tmp folders and
spit out an "alc" check to XYMon server. Now this file is being
processed round robin among 5 different app servers, and I don't want
to get paged by 4 purple message, so I am trying to configure combo
for all of them:

"if one of them is green, then alc green"

my combo.cfg line is:

dev1.alc = (dev1app01.engbe.evare.local.alc || dev1xf08.engbe.evare.local.alc)

in my hosts.cfg I added this: dev1.alc #noconn

however, I don't see the purple or green status combo in the webpage.
Is it only for alerts.cfg or should I be able to see it in the monitor

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