[Xymon] are bar well scaled through categories.

Randall Badilla rbadillarx at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 22:04:36 CEST 2015

Hi all:
We use xymon as main systems behavior collector, grapher and
troobleshooting tool. But I have some doubts about if the graphics are fine
of something inside Xymon or my server isn't working fine..
As you can see on this clipix share http://www.clipix.com/9/share-YSAcXi7_
or attached image. Some nics have pretty much work but as they traffic is
plotted over the following categories 12 days, and 48 day it seems that the
magnitude ( the total speed) is rescaled. That behavior make us wink our
eyebrows since we can't assure which speed is becoming "common". For
example look this Monday 0000 bar seems to graph a 250Mbps activity but on
the 12 days graph barely shows 80Mbps (that's misleading and confusing).
So my questions are:
a) are speed averaged ?
b) do I have a problem with vertical scale ?
c) does the problem resides on how rrdtool plots or internal manipulation
of the Solaris scripts?

AFAIK, the 48 hours speed are fine and correct.

Thanks a lot by any help or input about this questions...

PD: sorry about the attachment or link but I can't explain the issue
without the graphics.
my client and server are Sparc with Solaris 10u11.
my xymon server is version 3.4.10 and also the client.

T-3 meses... Ya casi se nos va elAƱo 2K15!
Randall Edo. Badilla Castro.
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