twitter style alerts are not working

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Fri Sep 18 01:22:25 CEST 2015

My twitter style alerts are not alerting me when there is an alert.
My 'alerts.cfg' file looks SERVICE=xxxWebPage         SCRIPT /usr/lib/xymon/server/etc/ FORMAT=SMS COLOR=yellow,red RECOVERED
My 'hosts.cfg' file looks like:216.x.x.x  #xxxWebPage

My '' looks like:#!/bin/bashX=`date`msg=`echo "${BBALPHAMSG}"``/usr/lib/xymon/server/ext/twitter/ recepient $X $msg`
The xymon display server will turn red when there is an alert but I don't get the twitter alert.If I fire off the on the command line, it works and I get the twitter alert.
I checked the permissions and all files under /usr/lib/xymon are owned by 'xymon:xymon'.
Please suggest, thanks.
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