[Xymon] LDAP test will not use nonstandard port

Scot Kreienkamp Scot.Kreienkamp at la-z-boy.com
Thu Sep 17 22:32:05 CEST 2015

> The LDAP check is a little bit special-cased by default. Openldap's API
> for bind checking tends to hang if the service is down, so it's checked
> via a TCP hit first.
> Looking through my records, this patch from Terabithia wasn't upstreamed
> yet due to its changing of the default behavior, but I think it might be
> the actual root of this problem. (Honestly, I haven't altered an LDAP
> check in a while, so I might be remembering things wrong.) Would you mind
> trying it out?
> -jc

Sure, send it over.

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