[Xymon] link at ip feature

Kenneth S. Petersen ksp at stougaards.dk
Wed Sep 16 09:41:04 CEST 2015

Hi Xymon'

I kind a like this feature and the result which I've found on xymon.com under Services


# The link test does a port 80 check to the IP listed here. Since we use "testip", the IP cannot be NULL. The IP listed must respond on port 80.

testip link at COMMENT:"Cable link"

But which version of xymon is it working on?

I'm using Debian 7 and Xymon 4.3.20

There is also the IP test next to Link and it seems to me that these two are going together.

Can anyone give some hint to me for getting this to work?

Script or configuration change?



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