[Xymon] Windows Powershell client v2.03

zak.beck at accenture.com zak.beck at accenture.com
Tue Sep 15 13:09:29 CEST 2015

I have today committed v2.03. Changes:


* increased space for PID column on cpu screen

* add process start time and elapsed time (in minutes) to proc screen

* enable checking group policy for tssessions directive

* enable 'tssessions' to be used as an alias for terminalservicessessions in
the client local config, to match the on-screen heading

* add processruntime (alias: procruntime) , to send an alert when a process
has been running for a defined number of minutes


The XymonPSClient.doc file has been updated to include better information
for installation. The Readme.txt file has been updated to point to the
XymonPSClient.doc file.


In case you missed it, v2.02 renamed adreplicaton test to adreplication.
This may impact any alerts you have setup for this test.




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