[Xymon] Ongoing problem with multiple recovery notices with on a few tests

Larry Bonham larry at fni-stl.com
Fri Sep 11 16:29:23 CEST 2015

I'm having an ongoing problem with multiple recovery notices.  I was really hoping that 4.3.21 would have fixed it but not so.

The alert picks up the correct rule and stops at line 473.  Recover hits that rule then continues on down the list.  It will then duplicate on a secondary matching rule line 482 and then on my catch all default rule line 618.  This isn't on all alert recoveries.  Mostly appears to only happen on "server" names that have an underscore or dash in it.  That may just be a coincidence.

Attached is a snapshot of my email notices showing the problem.  It's really a small percentage of my total alerts that do this.  But that subset will do it consistently.  There has to be something different about that group.

I got a response from J.C. on this around 3/4/15.  He and I agreed that the problem is most likely in  lib/loadalerts.c.  Which is a pretty complicated piece of code.

ANYWAY, I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this and, if so, were you able to adjust or work around it.  It isn't a major problem.  Just an annoyance.

RHEL 6.6
Xymon 4.3.21

>From hosts.cfg ccs_menu.qa.ccsic.fni-stl.com # noconn nosslcert https://qa.ccsic.fni-stl.com/cgi-bin/xxx.pl DESCR:"CCS:Testing ccs_menu.pl response on qa.ccsic.fni-stl.com" DOWNTIME=12345:0000:0659,12345:1701:2359,06:0000:2359

Relevant section from alerts.cfg

### My email screen snap shot represents admin3 at fni-stl.com

### macro to stop further rule checking.  Also tried IGNORE.  Same results.

   180  $STOP=SCRIPT xymon-ignore.sh none FORMAT=SCRIPT STOP

   470  PAGE=%url/CCS HOST=%ccs_menu.(qa|test|launch).ccsic.fni-stl.com EXSERVICE=sslcert
   471         MAIL admin1 at fni-stl.com DURATION>2 REPEAT=60 RECOVERED
   472         MAIL admin3 at fni-stl.com DURATION>2 REPEAT=60 RECOVERED
   473         $STOP    <-- when alerting on fail it always stops here.  But recovery notices keep going.

### catch all rule for anything not handled above.

   480  PAGE=%url/.* EXSERVICE=sslcert
   481        MAIL admin2 at fni-stl.com DURATION>2 REPEAT=60 RECOVERED COLOR=yellow,red
   482        MAIL admin3 at fni-stl.com DURATION>2 REPEAT=60 RECOVERED COLOR=yellow,red
                  ...  Email other users.  Line format identical to above.
   490        SCRIPT xymon-page.sh grp1 DURATION>2 FORMAT=SCRIPT REPEAT=60 RECOVERED COLOR=red
   491        SCRIPT xymon-page.sh grp3 DURATION>2 FORMAT=SCRIPT REPEAT=60 RECOVERED COLOR=red,purple
   492        $STOP

### catch all rule for anything not handled above.

   616  HOST=*
   617        MAIL admin1 at fni-stl.com REPEAT=1440 RECOVERED COLOR=yellow,red
   618        MAIL admin3 at fni-stl.com REPEAT=1440 RECOVERED COLOR=yellow,red
   619        SCRIPT xymon-page.sh grp3 FORMAT=SCRIPT REPEAT=60 RECOVERED COLOR=red
   620        $STOP

  Larry B.


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