[Xymon] Recovery notifications not generated when test goes red->yellow->green?

Shawn Heisey hobbit at elyograg.org
Wed Sep 9 00:39:49 CEST 2015

It appears that if a test goes from the red state, to the yellow state,
and then to the green state, no recovery notification is sent.  If it
goes directly from red to green, then we get a notification.

Initial notifications are only sent on RED and PURPLE.  We have recovery
notifications configured for most tests.

Xymon server is 4.3.21, built using makerpm.sh and installed with yum on
CentOS 6.  I do not know whether our previous version (4.3.14) behaved
similarly.  It was almost an accident that I discovered the problem at all.

Is this expected behavior?  If it is, can I change it?


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