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Admin’s are just standard httpd user accounts. The file is ~xymon/server/etc/xymonpasswd

I took away the generic admin years ago, and have  personal account for everyone. That way we know who does what.
I also have all the config files in RCS and we use our Unix shell accounts for check out and check in, so again, we have a paper trail of who did what change.

In theory, you could in any valid httpd authentication method.

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xymon 4.3.17

xymon server runs on a centos 6.5 system. Its installed under a user account of hobbit.

For GUI admin purposes (eg enable/disable/acknowledge alerts) we've used the standard unix account ie hobbit.

Our Ops manager has asked if the ops can have a separate account for these GUI admin purposes...  I guess so they can't be accused of breaking anything as the hobbit user!

Firstly I'm not sure this would actually change anything - presumably any such second admin account would in effect need to have the same permissions etc as the hobbit account?

Secondly - i can;t find how to add a second administrator account on such a linux system xymon server ...

any pointers, advice and thoughts gratefully accepted.


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