[Xymon] Clear Ghostlist file?

Galen Johnson Galen.Johnson at sas.com
Fri Sep 4 04:08:01 CEST 2015

Unfortunately, the cgi "script" is actually a compiled binary.  This isn't a linux/unix issue but a code issue.?  Someone more familiar with the code would need to review the code to see why they are different.


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At least I am not the only one who sees that discrepancy.

How does the script determine or figure out what is considered a ghost client?

Unfortunately when it comes to digging deeper in these linux/unix environments and scripts my usefulness dwindles.


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Reading the script, the list of Ghosts are generated by the command:

<PATHTOXYMON>/server/bin/xymon localhost ghostlist

I think the better question might be, why is that command returning the wrong info?  I see the same discrepancy when I run the command by hand and compare to the Ghost Clients page.


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Is there a way to clear the ghostlist file and have it regenerated? I took a look at it (~/server/bin/xymon ghostlist) and I see hosts and IPs (total of 40) that are in my hosts.cfg file. The ghost clients page in Xymon only shows 6 hosts, which is the correct number. I am trying to implement the unconfigured clients script (https://wiki.xymonton.org/doku.php/addons:unconfigured_clients) and it works well however since the ghostlist file has hosts that should not be there, it makes the display not 100% correct by putting hosts in 2 pages.


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