[Xymon] Custom addon - missing client data

Blake scuba.blake at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 23:20:18 CEST 2015

I am trying to implement "xymon-mysql-counters" by ZeWaren which I found on
github https://github.com/ZeWaren/xymon-mysql-counters.

I have followed the directions adding "xymon_mysql_counters.pl" to the ext
directory of clients and updated the mysql login information.  I have
verified that the appropriate user account is able to execute the script
with 755 permissions and manual execution of the script works.  Updates to
clientlaunch.cfg have been configured as well.

The client was restarted after this work was completed.

On the server I have updated graphs.cfg on the server under etc/ appending
graphs.cfg from github to the end of the file.

Server side a mysql column is now present, however only a "no data" icon is
present.  Reviewing the returned client data shows there is no "[mysql]"

My setup is a pull configuration using memcache.

Thanks in advance for all help to get this working.
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