[Xymon] Alarm ID number in "RECOVERED" emails

Mike Burger mburger at bubbanfriends.org
Tue Sep 1 17:24:04 CEST 2015

Good morning, all.

Using Xymon in my business environment, we're configured to send alarm 
emails and recovery emails to our operations center. The emails go into 
an alarm console, so that the NOCC has a single pane of glass for the 
initial alarms.

I was asked, this morning, and am noticing this behavior for the first 

When Xymon sends out yellow or red alarms, there is an alarm ID number 
in the subject, a la:

Xymon [137502] fqdn.domain.com:http CRITICAL (RED)

or in the body, a la:

hostname:procs red [445232]

But when the alarm recovers, the alarms that had the ID in the subject 
do not include that ID in the recovery email:

Xymon fqdn.domain.com http recovered

and for the alarms where the ID was in the body, that ID is changed to 

hostname:procs red [0]

What I'm being asked for is if we can include the previous alarm ID, so 
that they can more easily correlate the alarm/recovery pairings (and 
perhaps add some automation to the mix).

So, I ask...is there something I can configure to make this happen or is 
this a coding change? If the former, what do I need to do to make it 
happen? If the latter, is this something the development team is willing 
to undertake?

Mike Burger

"It's always suicide-mission this, save-the-planet that. No one ever 
just stops by to say 'hi' anymore." --Colonel Jack O'Neill, SG1

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