[Xymon] Xymon swarm proposal

Galen Johnson Galen.Johnson at sas.com
Mon Nov 30 02:24:03 CET 2015

It's not clear but I only have unidirection access to most of my monitored systems so I have to use xymonfetch.  Would this still work where each datacenter server could be managed/communicate with a local instance that handles the alerts (for example)?  I'm guessing this is so but just want to confirm.   Sounds like I'm in a similar situation as Paul...


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I'm  pretty much the customer for this. I have 3 xymon servers, 1 primary and 2 backup/proxy servers. With lots of firewalling between them. And with those, I have clients that are behind further firewalls.

Like J.C. related, I really want HA. Both proxies can get to all the same things. The primary is a separate network.

I could adapt to this swarm though. It would work pretty well, I think.

I would definitely want local and global non-green screens. Maybe something along the lines of the summary links that we currently have.

What about alerts.cfg? Would each machine have its own alerts.cfg, or could there be one centralized one?

Currently, I have one of the proxies monitor the primary, and if connectivity (or prog status etc.) is lost, it takes over the full alerts configuration.


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the recent talk on xymon-developer about rewriting xymonproxy to support TLS, IPv6 and other good stuff made me think about other ways of scaling Xymon across large installations.

Which led me to the idea of having multiple independent Xymon servers - a swarm, because no one Xymon server depends on the others, but they can cooperate.

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