[Xymon] 4.3.21 AIX client -> 4.3.10 Linux server ?

Andy Smith abs at shadymint.com
Fri Nov 27 16:37:50 CET 2015


We have built a new(ish) xymon package for AIX 7.1 and the client works
fine sending updates via xymonclient-aix.sh.  However, using xymonnet we
see no results for network tests.  The xymonnet binary works without error
and --debug shows it sending the expected results.  Wireshark confirms this
is received on the server but as a type 'extcombo'.  This is a long shot :-

Changes from 4.3.12 -> 4.3.13 (08 Jan 2014)
* rev 7339
* New "extcombo" message type allows for combo messages of all types
(usually "status" and "data").

So, being lazy rather than looking through the code at this time, can
anyone confirm if the client should be reverting to combo when the server
cannot accept extcombo and is there any way to prevent the client from
using extcombo untill we can get the server upgraded?

Will peruse the code this weekend if I get chance, just hoping someone can
shortcut the investigation for me ...
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