[Xymon] http test -- 202 status red after upgrade from 4.3.21 to 4.3.23

Shawn Heisey hobbit at elyograg.org
Mon Nov 23 19:05:19 CET 2015

I have an http test that returns a 202 response, which was perfectly
acceptable when the xymon server was running 4.3.21.  Today I upgraded
it to 4.3.23, and now that 202 response is generating a red alarm.

Here's a relevant excerpt from the 4.3.22 section in the release notes:

The default rules for HTTP response codes have been simplified and made more
    1xx = Warning (when the final code received)
    2xx = OK
    3xx = Warning (except 302/303/307 = OK)
    4xx = Critical
    5xx = Critical

If I switch to httpstatus and configure "2.." for acceptable status
codes, the alarm goes away.  I think what happens with the regular http
test is either a bug in xymon or a documentation problem, and I'm
curious what the devs think.


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